Storyboarding Hedges

I have spent most of my life walking amongst tall hedges in hilly Somerset. They change dramatically with the seasons, frequently rustle with life, hide the homes of animals and lend the landscape a comforting feeling. Hedges are also boundaries, marking borders and historic changes in the British landscape. They are political and ignorant, living and inanimate. Hedges are part of my creative history.

My first storyboards of this idea involved a core set of hedge based characters that would be interrupted by my presence, in the form of me dropping an object into the hedge. I aimed to highlight the creative potential of the hedge by putting it in a different style to just me walking alongside one. I also hoped that the juxtaposition of me just trying to recover this object and my hand going on a fantastical adventure within the hedge could create some funny moments.


I used elements from these story boards to develop a animatic, with a few added sounds and transitions to get a feel for where the animation was heading.