Woodcock Stock

July 2023 – August 2023


Woodcock Stock is a small festival based at Somerset border. It focuses on green woodworking, good food and local music. I was asked to create a poster for the event with the potential to create merch such as t-shirts and cups.


In exchange for this work the client made me a beautiful desk. A trade of crafts, rather than exchange of money, felt fitting for the festival’s ethos. The festival is near to my home and I am eager to help local initiatives get established.


This project started with some informal conversations which developed into sketches. The aim was to create something light-hearted, fun and colourful. Starting on paper, the drawing was scanned, then inked and coloured on Clip Studio Paint and printed on a risograph machine. Elements of the design were taken to a local printers for t-shirts and cups.

Coasters and patches themed around the fictional setting of Lochmarne.
Illustration of character Nicole Collard for Valentines cards

T-shirts in action


Concepts // These rough sketches started the conversation and established the general look and feel of the merch. The client wanted a green man to be front and centre of the design.

Line // This line work was achieved using a vector layer within Clip Studio Paint. It doesn’t quite work like a vector in Adobe Illustrator but allows you to modify individual brush and pen stokes. This helped me create smooth, crisp line work in which to build colour onto.

Risograph // Whilst making these illustrations I had access to a risograph printer. I suggested this to the client as prints could be produced quickly, cheaply and with a nice texture. The slight graininess suited the theme and setting of the festival.

Previous Year // The poster I made for the festival in 2022 was all done by hand, using a dip pen and inks. Emphasis was placed on the core elements of the festival: woodwork, music and food.