Verdant Wisdom

Januray 2020 – current


Verdant Wisdom is a music label based in Herefordshire. Their ambient music, frequently referred to as Dungeon Synth, takes direct inspiration from the rural landscapes around them. This music is reminiscent of retro computer games, asking the listener to turn the landscapes in front of them into places shrouded in mystery.


The groups attempt to enchant the rural landscape with sounds tie closely with my own interests. I have always liked tabletop role-playing games and the atmosphere Verdant Wisdom’s music can conjure is unmatched. This project embodies local craft, DIY and passion.


Almost all the work for Verdant Wisdom has been done with just pen and paper. Digitising work is perfect for achieving perfect lines and clean looks, but artwork like this needs to show its little mistakes and texture.

J-card design for USKK release: Kernow Nemeton. Inspired by the salty shores of Cornwall

Illustration of character Nicole Collard for Valentines cards

The cassette design and illustration for Kernow Nemeton by USKK drew from Cornish folk tales and mystery. The map displays Cornwall at an unusual angle, breaking its association with England. Combining Celtic knotwork, frames from old school fantasy RPGs and scratchy cross hatching, the project matches the music’s sombre, but adventurous, tones.

The hare illustration was for t-shirts and general merch. We felt that the hare represented Herefordshire and the Welsh borderlands well, especially when presented on a rugged rural background. The drawing and inking was all done on paper with pencil and pen.

Illustration of character Nicole Collard for Valentines cards

This poster detailed all the up-to-date Verdant Wisdom releases, from a variety of different artists. The central image is from a Holy Well in Peterchurch, Herefordshire. The map in the background depicts their local area from the 19th  century and the structure at the bottom is King Arthur’s Stone. As a whole the print draws attention to local folk histories and the importance of the natural landscape to the group’s music.