Design & Illustration for WaterMelon

January 2023 – current


WaterMelon is a Bristol based design studio. They work for a variety of clients, one being the games developer Revolution Software. My involvement has primarily involved creating designs and illustration for Revolution’s Broken Sword merchandise. I have also helped draft concepts for the game’s new logotype.



At WaterMelon I am able to use my own illustration within graphic design for a wide variety of content, a privilege often split between two creatives. Working with WaterMelon has improved my professional standards and expanded my creative skillset. It also helps that I love computer games, so handling projects for Revolution Software is a dream come true.



My process always starts on paper, with a couple of sketches. Following approval from the art director, the images are then drafted on either Adobe Photoshop or Clip Studio Paint. The final designs are organised on Adobe Illustrator where they typically end up on the print-on-demand service Printful. Check out my sketchbook below for more information.


Coasters and patches themed around the fictional setting of Lochmarne.

Coasters and patches themed around the fictional setting of Lochmarne.

Illustration of character Nicole Collard for Valentines cards

Illustration of character Nicole Collard for Valentines cards

George Stobbart

Valentines cards


Valentines cards // These concepts attempted to keep things simple and variable, as they needed to provide a template for multiple different characters. Handwriting on a computer is something I am yet to master.

This line work was achieved using a vector layer within Clip Studio Paint. It doesn’t quite work like a vector in Adobe Illustrator but allows you to modify individual brush and pen stokes. This helped me create smooth, crisp line work in which to build colour onto.

St Patrick’s Day Merch // Mac Devitt’s only exists in the game Broken Sword, but to the sworn fans of the game – it may as well be a real brand. The designs were inspired by the fictional setting Lochmarne, a crumbling Irish castle. As the label was to be used for coasters and a fabric patch, I created simple and complex variations.

Concept sketches // These are for the game Broken Sword’s new logo type. They wanted to unify their game titles with consistent brand elements. My role was to help develop some existing concepts and create a couple of new ideas.