Processing Information

One of my biggest challenges has been tackling the somewhat unusual ‘things’ that initially set for myself. They range from everything to anxieties about creative work and my ambitions as a Right to Roam activist. This creates an exciting variety of information to work with, but also a large amount of potential categories, looks and outcomes.

Below you can see my process of snipping up each ‘thing’ and rearranging them into categories. Unfortunately the whole process began taking up a lot of space that I didn’t have to I shifted them to the digital workspace Miro. This allowed me to shift things about and use colour easily.

Using the program Serif Page Plus X9 is the result of being frugal and not wanting to tackle InDesign for my first project. It is a clunky program, yet also still effective.

My initial aims with the layout were to use different axis to represent things such as hidden and open, or past and present. These grand plans worked better in my head than in practice. The information was too variety and random to fit into these boxes, leading to a fairly messy design that began to crumble apart when I crammed in the colossal amount of text.