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Inigo is a Bristol based graphic designer and illustrator whose practice focuses on the rural landscape, folk cultures, and ancient history. He wants to enchant the land, embed stories into forgotten places and encourage others to find their own connections to the countryside. He also loves games of all shapes and sizes, but especially games that spin compelling yarns.

In 2023, Inigo achieved a Distinction in Masters of Graphic Arts at UWE, building upon a First Class Degree in History from King’s College London in 2019. His creative practice draws from these qualifications and combines them with a love of walking, playing and adventuring.

Enchant the Land is a continuation of his Masters project.


Look through my blog if you want to know what I’m doing, why I’m doing it and how I’m making it happen. Some of them are a bit silly, like all good ideas should be.

Research Practice: initial thoughts

Here is my attempt at continuing my blog, despite not having a direct 'need' to do so. My hope is to start building a useful habit. Useful habits have a habit of not lasting very long, but let us give this one a chance. This module is orientated around interrogating,...

Have you considered going for a walk?

Have you considered going for a walk?

The final manifesto fits in your pocket, can be carried anywhere and is printed on durable paper. The map takes you on a walk around my creative thoughts and encourages you to go for a walk to restart the system. It is meant to be opened sequentially, revealing parts...


I am currently open to commissions and happy to receive an email or Whatsapp message. It’d be great to work with you.