Have you considered going for a walk?

The final manifesto fits in your pocket, can be carried anywhere and is printed on durable paper. The map takes you on a walk around my creative thoughts and encourages you to go for a walk to restart the system.

It is meant to be opened sequentially, revealing parts of the map like pages of a pamphlet. However, the message still gets across if the map is fully unfolded. This was achieved with the dotted footpath that links every sections and the sea which bleeds across the entire page.

If I were pushing this project further I would focus on printing. It would be nice if the map were printed on a weather resistant plastic with a sturdy cover that wrapped beyond the map. The background could be changed to experiment with different styles of map and mood.

Ultimately, I was happy with how this last project turned out. It has given me a completely new outlook on typeface which I hope to continue expanding.