Exploring Creative Histories

Our next brief is to produce a 1 minute animation expressing some component of our creative inspiration or history. Yet again the amount of possibillities made the initial stages quite overwhelming. The project tutor encouraged us to make a start by fleshing out some Motion Treatments, giving fledling ideas a bit more weight.

We were encouraged to test our ideas by applying different genres to them, as well as potentially exploring how they could be abstracted. I was interested in making type move, possibly linking that with the process of walking and the various ways adventure has inspired my ideas. Other ideas included delving into a hedgerow and finding various critters within, or a monster being assembled from my varied interests.

Research & Inspiration

Inspiration came in the form of cartoons, stop-motion animation, computer games and animated shorts. Something I was especially keen to get across was vivid colours. Hedges themsevles can often be fairly uniform in their ‘greenness’, but I liked the idea of using colour to express the creative ideas I’ve gotten whilst walking alongside a hedge. The colours in Ralph Bakshi’s, Lord of the Rings (1978) and Genndy Tartakovsky’s, Primal (2019) are what I imagined.

Cartoons like Over the Garden Wall were useful reference for the actual process of animating things from the natural world, as well as interesting character design. I found this really useful tutorial on painting gorgeous backgrounds from the art director of the series.

An atomspheric computer game succeeding with a bold stylisitc aesthetic. Shows that conventional graphics aren’t needed.
An iconic creepy cartoon from the 1970s. Filled with beautfiul natural background scapes.
Utterly charming cartoon series. Warming colour pallette with plenty of spooky elements.