Developing Visual Style 02

Having decided that I was going to go with a more traditional method of drawing the dungeon I could crack on. I wanted to ensure that the dungeon could be rearranged, knowing that I’d likely change my mind when I started piecing everything together. To do this I build began creating dungeon building blocks, essentially just png files of individual rooms.

Each style of level aimed to loosely reflect the category they related to. For example the more naturalistic caves represented adventure, whilst the angular workshop related to my creative practice. To push things further I ensured that each level had a colour scheme that would help the audience clearly indentify which part of the illustration related to the text.

To create these building blocks I drew the design on ismetric draft paper, then scanned it and increased the contrast to remove the thin blue lines. Following that I used a function in Clip Studio to convert brightness to opacity, leaving me with a line drawing to work into. Colour was added using Clip Studio, I tried to keep it as simple as possible, drawing focus to the key colour that would relate to the text as well as the architectural elements that defined the style.