Changing Plans

This short animation sequence was the result of a lot of work. Had I attempted to persue this style through the whole film it could have ended up being completely unfinished. Thankfully a discussion with my tutor steered me away from cel-based animation and encouraged me to be more experiemental.

The central narrative of animation allowed for things to get more experimental, this was a great opportunity to learn new skills. The basic framework detailed below emphasised breaking the sotry into three main parts, with the climax of the film involving an explosion of oddness and then a return to normality. Immediately I began playing around with recycling what I had already made.

Unwilling to completely dismiss the cabin animation that I had completeled, I included it as an underground lair. It worked as the silly animals almost looked normal compared with the shambling hand above.

By changing the colours of the background dramatically I was able to reuse the same scene multiple times. The silhouetted scene also included moving elements that were just parts that I had cut out of the original image and made their own files. This meant I could have select effects happening to just parts of the scene.